From Practice to Practice

Michael Spandern

Sales Trainer & Business Advisor

Michael has worked in technical sales all his life and loves it. He holds an MSc in agriculture and a postgraduate degree in brewing and distilling.

Michael started his career as a salesman for farm supplies in Germany. Then he joined the additives industry and found his way into ethanol and biofuels leading a sales team in the USA. After some business development in Europe and Russia Michael lead the technical agenda of a large ag-company in the Middle East and Africa and later joined a vitamin producer as Global Sales Director.

With 25 years of international experience leading culturally diverse teams and profound training in sales management at all levels Michael shares his insights and experiences with other senior managers in agribusiness.

Dr. Barbara Spandern

Technical Advisor

Barbara looks back at many years of practical experience in veterinary medicine, animal breeding and farm management. Parallel to running her own  clinic she completed her PhD thesis on the effect of stress on various hormone parameters and the fertility of breeding bulls ( -> publication abstract). A topic that should remain in the very core of her professional activities. She is recognised as a top rated speaker and lecturer at various workshops and conferences.

Today Barbara consults farmers and organisations around the globe, sharing her insights in animal health, animal welfare and gentle stockmanship.


Our approach is hands on. 

We go beyond textbook theories and work together in personal dialogues adapted to the clients’s specific capacity and business environment.

Our technical background and 25 years of international experience in farming, trade, food and biofuels make these courses very credible and relevant.

We believe in the creation of sustainable value chains from the field to the table. By effectively utilising the perpetual cycles of carbon, minerals, water and energy agriculture provides the cornerstones of a prosperous society and personal health. As an early adaptor of cutting edge technology the industry attracts skilled labor, provides a stable investment climate and secures peace and prosperity.

In this context it simply is the duty of all companies in agribusiness to be successful.

Women feed the world.
Most farmers around the globe are women.
This means: Empowering women is food security, too.
#women #food #farming #agribusiness #foodsecurity

In emerging markets 1/3 of food produce is lost on the way from the field to the table.
In industrialised counties 1/3 gets lost on the way from the table to the mouth.
In total this is food for estm. 1.5 billion people.
#foodwaste #foodequality #foodsecurity