Sales Dialogue Classroom


Leading the dialogue

Structure your conversations and stay on top of it, naturally.

Building trust step by step

What makes a trustworthy person? What makes people trust each other?

Serving customer needs

Stop selling. Become a business partner.

Essential skills

Be present, professional and prepared

Objections are your chance

Navigate safely across through the smokescreen of assumptions and objections

It’s all about the price

Create value in the eyes of the customer

Break the routine

Cold calls, appointments and follow ups


A one day group classroom for sales representatives and their superiors. The course covers essential aspects of negotiation skills, preparation, time management and  The training provides a balanced mix of methodology and motivation.

full day

4 – 20 (recommended)

Skill level:
career starters to senior professionals


in-house, worldwide, as preferred 


After the course the participants are able lead the customer dialogue, gain clarity about customers’ needs and their willingness to pay. This creates more confidence in unforeseen scenarios. 

Trained sales teams have proven to generate more sustainable business relationships, open new opportunities and protect margins in agribusiness.

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