Sales Essentials Classroom


Customers in 3D

The globally recognised schematic of customer classification by margin and growth potentials.

Different types of customers have different expectations. What does this imply?

Precision selling

Understand purchasing behaviour and recognise decision making patterns.

Match the sales process to the buying process. Know where you stand and control the outcome.

The team and the market

Functions and behaviour of a successful sales force.

Purposeful reporting

Making notes and records that I can use every day,

Calendar planning

Plan, structure and free your time


A one day group classroom for sales representatives and their superiors. The morning focuses on the market and the afternoon covers aspects of own behaviour and management. The training provides a balanced mix of methodology, skills and motivation.

full day

4 – 20 (recommended)

Skill level: 
career starters to senior professionals


in-house, worldwide, as preferred 


After the course the participants are able address their customer base correctly, gain more control of the sales process, use the team and manage time efficiently. 

Trained sales teams have proven to generate more sustainable business relationships, open new opportunities and protect margins in agribusiness.

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