Sales Manager Sessions


Helpers, rock stars and lone wolves

Which talents do I find in my sales force? How do I turn them into a functioning team?

How does my team match the market?

About the correct positioning of sales people, the right allocation of resources and structured talent development.

Purposeful reporting

Manage expectations, use information efficiently and give valuable feedback.

Manager oder leader

What am I? What does the team need? How do I create the balance?

Enabling performance

How do I create the environment that unlocks potentials?
About clarity and leadership

3D Listening

Never miss a chance to shut up.

Actively build trust

Trust is given. Know how to earn it.

Work-work balance

About focus and clarity


A one day personal training session for team managers in sales and marketing. The training is one-on-one and provides a well balanced mix of leadership skills, styles and self management. The training is completed with a confidential report and a series of follow up and monitoring calls.

full day


Skill level:
experienced senior sales managers and candidates for such assignments


out of office


After the course the participant has learned to evaluate team members and delegate tasks correctly. Mechanisms of talent development and decision making create a powerful sales force. Furthermore the own leadership style is understood and supported by methods of self control.

Creating an enabling environment and efficiently working the team saves energy and serves as a role model. Trained managers are typically more motivated and become inspiring leaders. 

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